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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Our group was borne out of a desire to help people better understand their potential to impact the healthcare industry. Regardless of orientation - technology, finance, care delivery, analytics – those who have a desire can have impact. How does this show up in the work we do with others?

  • Helping hospitals and healthcare systems think outside of the box when designing care paths that are supposed to help people.

  • Getting involved with municipal health agencies to think about health differently than just health care – whole health – housing, education, jobs, clean spaces, access to health care, mental health and mindfulness.

  • It shows up as - working with non-for-profit groups that have similar passions.

  • Finally, it shows up as – coaching and educating people who want be part of the making growth and change in US health care

Examples of how we help facilitate change – in people and organizations:

We had a client who was in the midst of a 100-person change management exercise – administrative and clinical teams had to change workflows, documentation and how they worked together to participate in a new state based ACO (accountable care organization).

To be successful they needed to transition from traditional siloed care processes to a team based, proactive care model. The new model was both disruptive because they would have to work with a broader population of patients, but also at different care sites, sometimes remotely. Our role was to come in and help garner buy-in and facilitate the change.

From administrative assistant to physician, everyone was going to experience change in how and where they did their jobs, and they were nervous.

After several months of working with the group we had a breakthrough: during an internal team meeting, the physicians asked the medical assistance to lead the patient case study review! The group was breaking the traditional hierarchy and beginning to work as a team – we could see the seeds of change taking root!

Months later, they posted successful quality and service performance measures – and more importantly were functioning as a cohesive team to improve the care of the patients they served. Incremental progress!

Who leads Morgan Solomon Consulting?

In 2015, Dominique Morgan decided to focus more on family and less on the grind of corporate America. She left her role with Steward Healthcare as a COO and decided to take a well deserved “break”. That break lasted all of 2 weeks, when a former colleague asked if I could come and help set up their new value based care program. A few weeks after that others came to seek advisory and consulting assistance and a few months later Morgan Solomon Consulting was borne. 4+ years later, Dominique, and a team of associates provide coaching, advising or consulting with organizations and people across the healthcare continuum and are loving it! From payers , technology and biotech to provider groups, we work with start-ups, established organizations and everyone in between to impact and improve US health care.

Dominique Morgan-Solomon, MPH, is the president and founder of Morgan Solomon Consulting, a practice, focused on population health and value based care solutions. As a national speaker on ACO, community collaboration, patient /consumer engagement and the importance of health technology, she reflects on her experience with Kaiser Permanente, Steward Health Care and care delivery systems across the country, helping develop and enhance their care management and population health efforts. The group works with health care delivery organizations, payers (government and private), device management and health services organizations on transformation and VBC strategies. In 2015 she was awarded “Young Healthcare Executive of the Year” for her leadership in this burgeoning field by the National Association of Health Service Executives (NAHSE).

Dominique’s previous roles were Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Population Health for Steward Health Care. Additionally, she oversaw the Complex Needs Portfolio for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California focusing on complex chronic care populations. While at KP she also led Women’s Health, working on quality improvement, efficiency and member satisfaction initiatives.

Dominique sits on several non-profit and community boards, is an entrepreneur, career coach and a mother of two beautiful children. In addition to her work with other executives in Healthcare. She is a citizen of the world and divides her time between her hometown of New Orleans, Detroit, MI and Boston, MA.


Thank you for reading the Morgan-Solomon Consulting Blog! We publish up to 4 articles a month about new trends in the Health Care Industry, all designed to give you insight and broaden your knowledge.

If you're interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry and aren't sure where to get started, shoot me an email at I Would love to share my knowledge, direct you to resources, and connect you to opportunities.

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