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What We Do

How Morgan Solomon makes a difference.


  • 15+ years in Population Health and Accountable Care with proven and documented results

  • Deep understanding of client-specific strategic opportunities for IT and care delivery systems

  • Ability to develop a strategy that translates to results-oriented operational plans

  • Effective change management strategies

  • Ability to translate IT tools and products into effective operations

  • Aides leadership in designing communications tools for strategic decision making

  • Develop processes around care delivery workflows

What We Do For Your Organization

  • Research and Consulting services in Health care and services

  • Operational and strategic planning

  • Program Development

  • Population Health care delivery and planning

  • Leverage Health Information Technology

  • Multi-level education and training

What We Offer To You

  • Staffing models

  • Strategic planning

  • Product design

  •  Incentive models

  • Development/planning

  • Best practices/learnings

  • Staffing/organizational

  • Development planning

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